PATH statement on White House Summit on AI for American Industry


Credit: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers

May 10, 2018, Washington, DC – The Partnership for Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Healthcare (PATH) applauds today's White House Summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for American Industry. AI is a growth area for U.S. businesses and has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare by improving lives, expanding access, reducing medical errors, and reducing costs. AI can accelerate productivity gains in the healthcare sector and help overcome the overwhelming needs of less-served populations around the world.

"AI and related innovations have already enabled industries such as banking, aviation, and entertainment to grow, provide higher-quality products, and allow consumers greater choice," stated Jonathan Linkous, Co-Founder and CEO of PATH. "With spiraling costs, increasing need, decreasing resources, and rapidly advancing technologies, healthcare desperately needs to catch up."

PATH encourages participants in the meeting to consider ways to remove barriers to AI and related innovations and identify ways to accelerate their integration into healthcare delivery systems including devoting more resources to AI research and development for healthcare.

"The use of AI, robotics, and automation will transform healthcare," said Mary Ann Liebert, Co-Founder of PATH. "There needs to be greater understanding of their application and all of the conundrums; PATH will address these issues so that new technologies are best understood and applied most meaningfully. Our mission is imperative and the leaders in these fields are participating."


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The Partnership for Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Healthcare is a membership-based, mission-driven alliance to ensure the integration of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) into the many components of global healthcare services. PATH members include professionals delivering care, health systems, industry, public policy, academia, government, and educators – all of whom have a stake in the delivery of effective healthcare around the world in both on-site and remote care environments. More information is available on the PATH website.

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