Parametric analysis on collapse-resistance performance of reinforced-concrete frame with specially shaped columns under loss of a corner column


The finite element analysis on the static test of a reinforced concrete frame with specially shaped columns in the event of one corner column removal was conducted and verified accurately enough to further perform parametric analysis. As the frame sustained loads primarily depending on the beam resisting mechanism in the test, four related parameters, namely the height of beam section, rebar ratio of beam, rebar ratio of slab and limb length of specially shaped column are chosen for parametric analyses respectively. Based on the findings from the analysis, it is indicated that the collapse-resistance capacity remarkably increases with the increasing of the height of beam section and rebar ratio of the lower steel bars of beam. The increase of the rebar ratio of slab and upper steel bars of beam could enhance the stiffness and collapse-resistance capacity. The lengthening of the limb of specially shaped column only increases the stiffness of the frame. According to an equivalent method, the rectangular column frame is obtained to compare collapse-resistance performance with the specially shaped column frame. It is concluded that the frame with specially shaped columns could maintain the equivalent collapse-resistance capacity while reduce the lateral stiffness compared with the rectangular column frame.


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DOI: 10.2174/1874836801610010466

Reference: Zhang, L.; et al. (2016). Parametric Analysis on Collapse-resistance Performance of Reinforced-concrete Frame with Specially Shaped Columns Under Loss of a Corner Column, Open Construct. Build. Tech J., DOI: 10.2174/1874836801610010466

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