Nearly half of American children living near poverty line

March 2, 2016 (NEW YORK CITY) -- Nearly half of children in the United States live dangerously close to the poverty line, according to new research from the National Center for Children in Poverty (NC..

AIBS to convene expert panel on science of Zika, potential for genetic control

Washington, DC - The Zika virus is the most recent example of a virus spreading rapidly around the world with the assistance of an animal vector - in ..

Discovery of a gene associated with a set of poorly understood rare diseases

The genomic sequencing of hundreds of patients with diverse types of ciliopathies has revealed that "in many cases the gene responsible is not known",..

New report finds ‘surprising gaps’ in knowledge of ovarian cancers

WASHINGTON - Ovarian cancer should not be categorized as a single disease, but rather as a constellation of different cancers involving the ovary, yet questions remain on how and where various ovarian..

What happens to pharmaceuticals in the digestive system of a bird?

Scientists at the University of York have conducted new research into measuring how commonly-prescribed pharmaceuticals behave in the guts of starlings. In a study led by Tom Bean, Professor Alistai..

Syrian academics face danger, limited options

The Syrian civil war, which began in 2011, continues to result in death, destruction and displacement. The country's higher education system has suffered dramatically, too. An article in Chemical..

Metamaterial separation proposed for chemical, biomolecular uses

The unique properties of metamaterials have been used to cloak objects from light, and to hide them from vibration, pressure waves and heat. Now, a Georgia Institute of Technology researcher wants to ..

Some bacterial CRISPRs can snip RNA, too

Credit: Devaki Bhaya, Michelle Davison, and Rodolphe Barrangou Stanford, CA-- You've probably seen news stories about the highly lauded, much-..

Sugar-power — scientists harness the reducing potential of renewable sugars

Inspired by nature, University of Huddersfield scientist Dr Jason Camp is pioneering the use of simple sugars to power chemical reactions. It means that industries such as pharmaceuticals and agro-che..

Carbon nanotubes improve metal’s longevity under radiation

One of the main reasons for limiting the operating lifetimes of nuclear reactors is that metals exposed to the strong radiation environment near the reactor core become porous and brittle, which can l..