Oxford University Press and West China Hospital to launch Precision Clinical Medicine


Oxford University Press and the West China Hospital are pleased to announce the launch of Precision Clinical Medicine.

Precision Clinical Medicine is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, case reports, reviews, editorials, and perspectives on all aspects in the field of precision medicine. The journal aims to provide new theories, methods, and evidence for disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Precision medicine, as a field, is a new model of medicine that tailors healthcare to individual characteristics, revolutionizing health and disease. These characteristics include genomic, molecular, and cellular information, which are used to target people for specialized decisions in the treatment and management of a disease.

Dr Weimin Li, editor-in-chief of Precision Clinical Medicine, spoke of the launch: "Having established a precision medicine-oriented development strategy for the coming ten years, West China Hospital is proud to launch Precision Clinical Medicine in cooperation with Oxford University Press. We hope this journal can provide a new communication platform for the latest development of related research and clinical application of precision medicine."

Rhodri Jackson, editorial director of Asia Journals at Oxford University Press, said: "We're really excited to be partnering with the West China Hospital to launch Precision Clinical Medicine. From our very first conversations with West China Hospital it was clear that the institution had identified an area that needed a new, top-quality journal, and assembled the team to launch this journal successfully. We are very confident that Oxford University Press, West China Hospital, and the editors of the journal can work together to make Precision Clinical Medicine the pre-eminent journal in its field."


About West China Hospital

West China Hospital of Sichuan University is a medical center located in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province. The hospital has been ranked among the best several times in the annual competition Hospital Management Year, conducted by China's Ministry of Health. Its 2018 Nature Index was No.1 among all of China's Medical Institutions and 52nd in the world. Its management and achievements have been widely recognized in China and abroad.

About Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press publishes over 400 academic and research journals covering a broad range of subject areas, two thirds of which are published in collaboration with learned societies and other international organizations. Oxford University Press has been publishing journals for more than a century and, as the world's largest university press, has more than 500 years of publishing expertise.

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