Our Universe and Beyond: The Big Questions of Cosmology Made Simple


Credit: Springer Nature

We know roughly when our universe "exploded" into being. But what existed before that and will it endure forever? Arguing about such mysteries was once purely the preserve of philosophers, but remarkable developments over the last few decades have allowed cosmologists to start finding answers. The Hubble telescope can capture images of distant galaxies, allowing us to see cosmic history unfolding. Distant galaxies rush away from us and from each other as our universe expands. This book traces our evolving understanding – from the Ancient Greeks to dark energy and cosmic inflation; explains what we know now and how we know it; and, not least, describes open questions and the multiverse that could provide many of the answers.

Press copies are available upon request and the authors are available for interview.

Book information:

Cosmology for the Curious
Authors: Perlov, Delia, Vilenkin, Alex
Number of pages: 372, 139 b/w illustrations, 63 illustrations in colour
ISBN: 978-3-319-57038-9 (print)
Springer International Publishing
CY 2017


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