Novotech webinar: Why Asia-Pacific attracts 60% of all hepatology trials globally


This webinar focusses on the reasons why the Asia-Pacific is attracting 60% of ongoing and planned hepatology trials globally (source GlobalData).


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The leading Asia-Pacific biotech specialist CRO Novotech is again collaborating with the prestigious biotech and pharma news platform Endpoints News. This webinar focusses on the reasons why the Asia-Pacific is attracting 60% of ongoing and planned hepatology trials globally (source GlobalData).

The webinar will be led by Endpoints News Publisher Arsalan Arif. Participants will include leading investigators from the Asia-Pacific region and a US biotech sponsor.

Webinar title: Asia-Pacific – a Global hub for Hepatology Clinical Trials

Broadcast time: June 29th 2PM EDT

There are more than 1,300 clinical trials in hepatology, either ongoing or planned, in Asia-Pacific. This represents about 60% of all ongoing and planned hepatology trials globally.

Novotech has completed over 70 clinical projects in hepatology, including studies on hepatitis, NASH and liver cancer.

The webinar will also cover:

    o The latest research and trends in hepatology clinical trials globally and in Asia-Pacific

    o The benefit for biotechnology companies to involve sites in Asia-Pacific for hepatology trials

    o Feedback from sponsors and investigators

    o The status of COVID 19 in the region and the factors that have driven the relatively low spread

    o Regulatory guidance and acceptability of remote monitoring and de-centralized clinical trials in Asia-Pacific

    o Risk management strategies

Novotech says the Asia-Pacific region is highly attractive for biotechs running clinical studies, with its streamlined regulatory environment and advanced medical infrastructure.

Each year Novotech manages more than 200 clinical trials and projects in the region, which boasts large and engaged patient populations and world first medical and research teams and facilities.

Novotech also has just signed its 30th Partnership, a program with leading medical institutions throughout the Asia-Pacific giving Novotech clients unique access to some of the top researchers, investigators and key opinion leaders.


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About Novotech –

Novotech is internationally recognized as the leading regional full-service contract research organization (CRO) in Asia-Pacific. Novotech has been instrumental in the success of over a thousand Phase I – IV clinical trials for biotechnology companies. 

Novotech was established in 1996, with offices in 11 locations across the region, and site partnerships with major health institutions.

Novotech provides clinical development services across all clinical trial phases and therapeutic areas including: feasibility assessments; ethics committee and regulatory submissions, data management, statistical analysis, medical monitoring, safety services, central lab services, report write-up to ICH requirements, project and vendor management. Novotech obtained the ISO 27001 certification which is the best-known standard in the ISO family providing requirements for an Information Security Management System. Together with the ISO 9001 Quality Management system, Novotech aims at the highest IT security and quality standards for patients and biotechnology companies.  

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Media Contact
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