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New book on biochar published


May 6, 2016 – The Soil Science Society of America has published "Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Biochar: Advances and Barriers." According to the editors, Mingxin Guo, Zhongqi He, and Sophie Minori Uchimiya, "this book aims to push forward the practical use of biochar by recognizing the gap between biochar research and application and pinpointing the barriers to field uses of biochar. Fifty-seven international scientists and professionals active in biochar research and application were invited to contribute."

Discover the mechanisms and processes of biochar amendment for achieving stunning agricultural and environmental benefits. Agricultural and environmental communities are looking to biochar for enhancing soil carbon sequestration and crop productivity, but practical applications are elusive. Accomplished international researchers present a whole picture of biochar in improving soil quality, reducing soil greenhouse gas emissions, and decontaminating stormwater and mine sites. Composition and characteristics of biochar, its interactions with contaminants and soil constituents, and its transformation in the environment are addressed. Readers will appreciate the comprehensive review of the latest biochar research and applications and gain critical guidance in best biochar generation and use.

"The Soil Science Society of America promotes good science and practice related to soils and believes that the application of biochar materials offers promising solutions to agricultural and environmental concerns like climate change, soil health, and water contamination," says Harold Van Es, president of the Soil Science Society of America.


The book retails for $160, and can be purchased or by calling 608-268-4960.

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