METANANO is an annual international conference where the latest research in the field of metamaterials, nanophotonics, terahertz emission and optical engineering is presented. Engineering, physics, and material science communities will join together to discuss modern trends and latest results in fundamental research and applications of artificial materials from microwaves to optical frequencies. The conference will be held in Anapa city (Sochi region), Russia, located on the shore of the Black sea.

The conference is organized by the Nanophotonics and Metamaterials Laboratory of ITMO University and supported by the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics and Russian Science Foundation.

METANANO will cover a broad spectrum of different subjects including microwave and optical metamaterials, plasmonics, nonlinear optics, solar energy, THz technologies, medical applications, imaging and sensing. The conference will comprise invited talks and poster section. Participants are welcome to send their abstracts before extended deadline 6 May.


Media Contact

Mikhail Odit
[email protected]

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