Media advisory: Record attendance expected at International Data Week in Denver, Colorado

For this week only, hundreds of data professionals and researchers from all disciplines and from more than 42 countries will convene at the Sheraton Denver Down for International Data Week (IDW)to explore how best to exploit the data revolution to improve our knowledge and benefit society through data-driven research and innovation.

Organized by the Research Data Alliance, (RDA), CODATA, the Committee on Data of the International Council of Science (ICSU) and the ICSU World Data System, IDW comprises three complementary events:

1. SciDataCon 2016-Advancing the Frontiers of Data in Research:

Taking place Sunday through Tuesday, SciDataCon 2016 is a scientific research conference organized by the World Data System and CODATA, aimed at addressing a range of fundamental and urgent issues around the 'Data Revolution' and the recent data-driven transformation of research and the responses to these issues in the conduct of research.

2. An International Data Forum:

This one day event, taking place on Wednesday, is the centrepiece of IDW and will feature world-renowned keynote speakers who will collaborate with one another and the audience regarding the national and international dimensions of the data revolution, its implications for research and policy, and the linkages between research, industry and education.

3. The 8th Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting:

The 8th RDA Plenary Meeting offers attendees a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues and peers in various disciplines, and make concrete progress in technical and social areas on topics related to research data sharing and exchange. Besides keynote talks by leading members of the community, important features of the RDA Plenary include the highlighting of organizations who have adopted RDA's outputs, meetings of Working Groups and Interest Groups, and 'Birds of a Feather' discussions, which explore new potential working or interest group topics.

In total, the three events will feature more than 25 keynote speakers, 125 breakout sessions, 100 poster presentations and numerous panel discussions. Topics that will be addressed during the week will include but not limited to responsible openness of data, the perception of data for the public good from the next generation of data professionals, integrity of data, data stewardship, integrity and reproducibility.



ICSU-WDS was established in 2008 (its predecessor bodies were established in 1957). Its membership is comprised of data repositories, data service providers, and their partners. Its focus is on identifying, creating, and sustaining institutions that provide stewardship, long-term preservation, and access to data.


ICSU-CODATA was established in 1966. Its membership is comprised of National Academies, Science Councils, international Scientific Unions, and related organizations that care about data. Its focus is on creating both a culture and a framework of standards, agreements and protocols that enable data to be shared and reused.

About RDA:

RDA was established in 2013 by several funding agencies in Europe, the United States, and Australia. Its membership is comprised of individuals and organizations (private and non-profit). Its focus is on the detailed implementation of policies, practices, and technologies (i.e., infrastructure) that lower barriers to data exchange.


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