Mason researchers to provide bioinformatic analysis


Virginia Espina, Research Associate Professor, Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine, received $21,000 from Baylor Research Institute for a project in which Mason researchers are providing biostatistics and bioinformatic analysis for integrating multi-omic data sets from a breast cancer cohort.

Specimens are from patients with triple-negative breast tumors. Data analysis will include correlations between proteomic, metabolomic, genomic, and/or clinical data. Mason researchers will analyze additional reverse phase protein array (RPPA) endpoints based on the findings of the multi-omic correlative analyses.

RPPA is a technology that allows for quantification of one protein or phosphoprotein in multiple samples under the same experimental conditions at the same time.

Funding for this project began in late July 2020 and will end in late July 2021.


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