Jim Mellon announces launch of new book juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity


Credit: Jim Mellon & Al Chalabi

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017, London, UK: Biogerontology Research Foundation Trustee Jim Mellon announces the publication of his newest book, Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity . The book offers a survey of the emerging longevity industry, profiles of longevity companies, investment opportunities in the emerging industry, and aims to chart the major ideas of the field's thought-leaders and to serve as a layman's guide to geroscience.

Often referred to as the British Warren Buffett, Billionaire Jim Mellon is well known for spotting major emerging trends early. Mellon made his wealth by investing in emerging markets throughout the 1990s. After many years of research and investing in the life science sector, Jim announced his vision for the emergence of the nascent longevity industry at Master Investor, one of the UK's leading investor show in March of 2017, which was attended by over five thousand investors and entrepreneurs.

"The Biogerontology Research Foundation is proud to support what we feel will come to be seen as a landmark publication in the modern history of biogerontology. Jim has put an enormous amount of research and thought into his new book, and has interviewed many of the field's top scientists throughout its preparation. The field of geroscience and the emerging longevity industry are both sure to prosper from very well-respected business personalities like Jim Mellon candidly declaring that the longevity industry will become one of the largest to date and defending the pressing need for a paradigm shift in medicine and healthcare away from sick-care toward comprehensive and disease-preventative healthspan extension. We are proud to have Jim as a Trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation and look forward to helping him lend mainstream credibility to the field and actionability to the dawning longevity industry" said Franco Cortese, Deputy Director & Trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation.

In 2012, Jim published his best-seller Cracking the Code , which summarized his vision for the future of the life science sector. In 2017, he announced his intention to focus much of his time and assets on the emerging longevity industry and make substantial investments into this area.

In his new book, Jim and long-time co-author Al Chalabi take a tour of many academic laboratories, biopharmaceutical companies, and Silicon Valley tech companies to research emerging trends and exciting discoveries. Juvenescence highlights promising technologies that are likely to generate substantial longevity dividends and create sustainable and profitable industries. In preparing for the book Jim toured the United States to interview the geroscience's leading scientists and thought-leaders in order to deliver the reader both an objective survey of the field as well as his own detailed vision for the industry's future and the investment strategies he is applying in his investment activities within the dawning longevity industry.


Earlier this year Jim Mellon announced the formation of Juvenescence Limited, a company investing in the longevity biotechnology. Since then the company announced investments in several high-profile longevity companies including Insilico Medicine, Inc , a Baltimore-based leader in artificial intelligence for drug discovery, biomarker development and aging research.

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