ISEEC 2017: International Society For Evolution, Ecology and Cancer Conference


Can we target cancer's evolutionary and ecological nature?

Many biological systems are resilient to shocks, having the ability to return to a previous state following a disturbance. In the case of cancer, this resilience presents a clinical problem of therapeutic resistance. The theme of this year's ISEEC conference is "Resistance, Resilience and Robustness" and will focus on the evolutionary and ecological processes underlying cancer. During cancer progression and treatment, cancer has the capacity to exhibit resistance, resilience and robustness. Further, organisms have evolved defenses against cancer that increase the robustness of bodies to mutations and other perturbations that can increase cancer susceptibility. Considering the cancer and cancer defenses through the lens of resilience and resistance can help identify challenges and opportunities in cancer therapy and new horizons for cancer prevention. ISEEC welcomes scientists from different disciplines, including but not limited to oncology, cell biology, evolutionary biology and mathematic


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