Impact of COVID-19 on brain and mental health


Human Brain Project and EBRAINS Research Infrastructure to support new research

Scientists and physicians have today come to recognize the important impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on brain health. This other “silent pandemic” has indeed insidiously crept into people’s lives, with consequences that are difficult to estimate today. Several efforts have been started in different areas to better understand and contain this phenomenon.

To contribute to and deepen COVID-19 research related to brain disorders and mental health issues, the Human Brain Project (HBP) and its research infrastructure EBRAINS are launching and funding a new Call for Expression of Interest (CEol), inviting researchers to propose new study projects. These projects will both complement and benefit from HBP expertise and will be supported by EBRAINS’ cutting-edge collection of brain data sets, simulation and modelling tools, and high-performance computing resources.


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