Immune system mechanisms — the work of Dr. Jean-Sébastien Delisle recognized


(University of Montreal) A new research has identified the unexpected role of Neuropilin-1, a membrane receptor, and the phenomenon of dendritic cell maturation, which is an essential link in the immune response to infection and disease. By targeting this mechanism, we can eventually improve the responses in conditions unfavorable to the immune system, especially with respect to many cancers. Journal of Immunology has ranked this research among the top 10 percent of its best scientific articles.

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  1. Alexander Khripkov says

    Yes, that is the intermediate formation between cellular functions. The thinner the membrane the closer functional projections cycles. “Aging” thick membrane function violates the exchange of cellular projections. These deposits of excess functional projections occur due to violations of exchange between the cell cycle functions. As a result, the membrane itself becomes a malignant tumor. This mechanism combines redundant function of healthy cells and has no division cycle. For more details of this mechanism in my publication.

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