Imaging technology in the spotlight at global event


The latest imaging technologies, which are instrumental to revealing structural and functional information for biological, material and geosciences research, will be showcased at a global research event this week.

The University of Portsmouth, in collaboration with Zeiss, is hosting a 'Correlative Microscopy Workshop' on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 May.

This workshop consists of scientific talks in the morning and instrument demos in the afternoon, covering biological, materials and geosciences topics. Participants will also present their own scientific work relevant to the imaging techniques covered in the workshop.

Dr Gianluca Tozzi, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Zeiss Global Centre at the University of Portsmouth, said: "In the past, correlating different techniques tended to be time consuming and labour intensive. However, thanks to the latest correlative microscopy integrated solutions and seamless workflows, the process of correlating different microscopy techniques is now made streamlined and efficient.

"The University of Portsmouth offers a suite of cutting edge imaging tools – from light microscopes to confocal laser scanning microscopy, X-ray microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The University is therefore optimally positioned to enable researchers to analyse a wide range of materials from the nano- to micro-scale."

The Zeiss Global Centre is a strategic collaboration between the School of Engineering at the University of Portsmouth and Carl Zeiss Ltd. It will become an important part of the HEFCE-funded Future Technology Centre in Portsmouth, when it is opened later this year.

The Zeiss Global Centre undertakes research into the competence of biological structures, biomaterials and bio-inspired engineering materials, through advanced X-ray microscopy.

The centre is equipped with the latest x-ray imaging and in-situ mechanical testing technology, as well as high-performance computing facilities and dedicated, licensed software for accurate post-processing and analysis of images. The centre also offers excellent training and consultancy opportunities for academic and industrial collaborators.


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