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Helmet safety research aims to kick start in new directions


Helmet safety research aims to kick start in new directions

The year 2016 is looking bright for Simon Fraser University researcher Daniel Abram, the creator of Brainshield™ and CTO of Shield-X Technology Inc. and his team.

This past fall three B.C. high schools began using BrainShield – the product of six years of research at SFU – including North Vancouver's Handsworth Secondary, which Abram says completed its football season with no concussions.

The company this week is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds towards expanding Brainshield™ into other sports, including hockey and cycling.

In January BrainShield will be further used by Team BC youths participating at a U.S. hosted tournament.

The decal works by disengaging the outer shell from an impacting force, which could significantly reduce sharp twisting and compression of the brain.


Daniel Abram, School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering, 778.960.3063; [email protected]


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