Griffin receives funding for program designed to prevent prescription drug abuse


Griffin Receives Funding For High School Program Designed To Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Kenneth Griffin, Professor, Global and Community Health, College of Health and Human Services (CHHS), received $156,581 from National Health Promotion Associates for a project aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse among high school students.

The intervention program for high school students will utilize both online e-learning modules and interactive classroom sessions to promote pro-health attitudes, norms, and behaviors; reduce prescription drug abuse and concurrent alcohol/drug abuse; and enhance protective factors by building social, self-regulation, and relationship skills through interactive learning and behavioral rehearsal scenarios.

Griffin will design a large-scale randomized controlled trial to evaluate the prevention program in 40 high schools across the United States. He will design and plan the survey measurements and the data collection and analysis plan, and participate in the preparation of scientific conference presentations and publications for academic journals to disseminate the study results. He will also provide other support, as needed.

Funding for this project began in April 2020 and will end in late June 2022.


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