FASEB Science Research Conference: Signal Transduction in the Immune System


This Science Research Conference will focus on the most recent advances in the fields of signal transduction in the immune system, with an emphasis on the coupling of signaling to differentiation pathways, the development of new technologies for understanding and imaging signaling, interactions between metabolism and lymphocyte activation and differentiation, signaling through mechanotransduction, and signaling through immunomodulatory receptors in cancer. These topics have direct relevance to a number of clinically important areas, including autoimmunity, immunodeficiency diseases, transplantation immunology, tumor immunology, infectious diseases and chronic inflammation. In particular, leukocyte metabolism, the mechanism and feedback of antigen receptor signaling initiation and kinase regulation, immunomodulatory receptors, and cytoskeletal changes that accompany leukocyte activation and migration have provided a wealth of new information that will enhance our understanding of the complex pathways that control immune responses under normal as well as pathogenic situations. As such, the mechanisms and pathways that will be discussed in detail at this conference represent a major source of target leads for the development of new therapeutics to treat immunological disorders and sit at the forefront and intersection of basic and translational research. The inclusion of sessions that bridge these two types of research is another invaluable contribution of this meeting.

The 2017 meeting is the 9th on this topic and features speakers from around the world who will discuss cutting-edge research in the area of immune cell signaling. There will be a large number of selected talks from the abstracts, which will give junior investigators an opportunity to present their data. In addition, the poster presentations, free afternoons, and recreational activities will provide students and postdoctoral fellows the possibility to generate new ideas and establish new collaborations.


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