FASEB Science Research Conference: Rapid Signaling and Genomic Steroid Hormone

Steroid hormone action impacts many aspects of physiology and disease states. Although scientists in the field traditionally focused on how nuclear steroid receptors mediate gene transcription, it is now established that these same receptors exist and function at various cellular locations including the cell membrane and mitochondria. Thus this conference focuses on the latest advances and approaches to understand how signaling from extra-nuclear and nuclear steroid receptors integrate to produce genomic and non-genomic biological effects.

This year's SRC focuses on steroid hormone action in cancer, metabolism, neuroscience, cardiovascular effects, ion channels, lung disease. Many new speakers will give talks and the opportunity for trainees to present their work in oral and poster sessions will be emphasized as well. Most importantly, many productive collaborations between scientists, junior and senior, have occurred from the interactions during the meeting. Junior scientists and trainees are especially encouraged to interact with senior faculty, in multiple venues that encourage this during the meeting.


Media Contact

Robin Crawford
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