FASEB Science Research Conference: Protein Lipidation

This SRC will focus on biochemical, structural and cellular mechanisms of fatty acylation, prenylation, and post-prenylation processing of proteins, emerging therapeutics, the transport of intracellular lipids, and the importance of protein-lipid interactions for cellular signaling at specialized membrane domains and its relevance in disease. This SRC is the only international venue where these broad but closely interrelated topics are discussed at length. As the field of protein lipidation has grown over the past ten years, it has become highly interdisciplinary and this meeting allows scientists and biomedical researchers from diverse disciplines to come together, discuss new ideas and form synergistic collaborations.

Presentations will highlight progress in our understanding of how lipid-modified proteins promote normal physiological processes, with emphasis on their important roles in major human disorders. Topics will also include emerging drug discovery and development efforts. A significant number of submitted abstracts will be selected for short talks and awards will be given to the top scientific posters. "Research snapshot" elevator pitch presentations from graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, a specific "meet the experts" session and social activities will allow students and postdoctoral researchers to interact with invited speakers, including industry speakers who are working in drug discovery, and to form potential new scientific collaborations.


Media Contact

Trina Eacho
[email protected]