FASEB Science Research Conference: GRKs and Arrestins

This SRC provides an interactive forum to discuss current developments in the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) field with a particular focus on GPCR kinases (GRKs) and arrestins. GRKs and arrestins work together to regulate GPCR signaling by reducing the ability of receptors to couple with heterotrimeric G proteins and by targeting active receptors for endocytosis. These mechanisms are important for returning cells to their physiological resting states. In addition, GRKs and arrestins are also thought to initiate alternative signaling pathways and to play prominent roles in addiction, cardiovascular disease and other pathological conditions. Consequently there is a major effort to identify small molecules that bias GPCRs for or against GRK/arrestin-mediated pathways or that prevent overcompensation by GRKs and arrestins.

The overarching goal of the meeting is to bring together as many scientists working on diverse aspects of GRK/arrestin signaling as possible, in order to facilitate the exchange of novel findings and to stimulate the generation of new hypotheses, collaborations and approaches. The structural and functional mechanisms of GRKs and arrestins, as well as their roles in biased/non-canonical signaling by GPCRs, in the actions of drugs of abuse, in cardiovascular disease and in cancer will be major highlights of the meeting. Sessions devoted to these topics will foster further studies to combat addiction and disease with the ultimate objective of positively influencing human health. There are many opportunities available for attendees to give oral and poster presentations as well as optional recreational activities to foster the exchange of ideas and formulate new collaborations.


Media Contact

Trina Eacho
[email protected]


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