FASEB Science Research Conference: AutoimmunityGenetic Recombination and Genome Rearrangements


This SRC presents progress in research on diverse aspects of genetic recombination, a critical process that maintains integrity of the genome and that ensures the faithful transmission of the genome between generations. This conference focuses on the study of recombination mechanisms, the impact of recombination on genome integrity, and the influence of other DNA processes on recombination. Many of the recent advances in understanding recombination in normal, pathological, and environmentally stressed contexts have emerged through new combinations of experimental approaches spanning biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, genomics, and cytology. The agenda reflects the diversity of approaches currently used and is specifically geared toward identifying the emerging technologies and concepts that are moving the field forward. The meeting will focus on new, unpublished data in the field and will highlight connections between recombination and other cellular processes, including transcription, replication, cell cycle progression, and other branches of DNA repair. There will be presentations by researchers using diverse model organisms including bacteria, fungi, flies, nematodes, and mammalian cells, as well as in vitro biochemistry and structural biology. The meeting will foster collaboration between researchers worldwide who are interested in the basic and clinical aspects of recombinational repair, particularly in cancer biology.

There will be many opportunities for interaction between established investigators and scientists who are new to the field, and a significant number of the plenary speakers will be chosen from submitted abstracts.


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