ecancer Oncology Congress — Colombia

About the Event

The ecancer Oncology Congress in Colombia, will focus on the latest advances and techniques in oncology, including different modules in breast cancer, haematology, palliative care, cervical cancer, head and neck cancer and lung cancer. It will also feature a parallel WS on the latest advances on Radiotherapy.

Our distinguished international speakers will include ecancer's own Professor Gordon McVie, as well as Dr Nubia Muñoz, a well respected oncologist associated to HPV research world wide, and many more.

The inaugural Umberto Veronesi award will be presented to an outstanding leading researcher of Radiotherapy in Latin America, in recognition of their life and work. The prize will include a sponsored week at the European Institute of Oncology, where the winner will meet Professor Veronesi and other prestigious researchers at this flagship institution and receive invaluable connections and advice.


We expect over 250 delegates from all over the world to attend this unique event. Notably, this would be an excellent opportunity for you and your organisation to improve their connections with the Latin American oncology research community.


Media Contact

Samantha Salas

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