Dove Medical Press commemorates 10th anniversary; Launches open outlook program


IMAGE: To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dove Medical Press, we bring you Open Outlook. Open Outlook will be a year-long program of forward-looking perspectives on both biomedical research and publishing….

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London – Dove Medical Press today announced the launch of Open Outlook, a major program exploring advances in scholarly publishing alongside advances in medicine. The program commemorates Dove Medical Press's 10th anniversary and will run for one year.

"Our 10th anniversary gave us the opportunity to reflect on the changes in publishing – in particular Open Access where we specialize – as well as the biomedical research we support. This led us to ask 'what's next' for each," explained Kevin Toale, Director, Dove Medical Press. "We conceived Open Outlook to provide forward-looking perspectives that address both areas of focus."

Open Outlook will launch at the beginning of February with a program for librarians, Open Access in Action, developed in partnership with Library Journal. In tandem, there will also be a program that explores the future of research in COPD. Future topics will include nanomedicine and oncology.

Each program will feature a series of concise video interviews with an international body of specialists. According to Toale, "We are seeing increased use of video in scholarly communication, and it was important that our program reflects this." Open Access in Action, the program for librarians, will also include bespoke editorial content focused on institutional support for Open Access.

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Dove Medical Press Ltd is a privately held UK company specializing in the publication of Open Access peer-reviewed journals across the broad spectrum of science, technology and especially medicine. Dove Medical Press was founded with the objective of combining the highest editorial standards with the 'best of breed' new publishing technologies. Dove Medical Press launched their first journals in 2005.

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