Cosmetic and consumer product formulation design: Automation, AI and machine learning webinar


Due to the global pandemic we have re-scheduled the in person Advances in Cosmetic Formulation Design II Conference to Summer 2022. To keep the community up to date, this webinar will focus on an emerging area of high interest to the community-the utilization of automation, AI and Machine learning for fast and smart formulation development,

The cosmetic and consumer goods Industry is a highly competitive industrial sector where fast and smart formulation development is key to getting differentiated products to market quickly. Additionally the consumer driver for sustainable and clean cosmetic and consumer products has required a large scale re-formulation effort to develop novel sustainable formulations. In order to meet these new challenges, there has been significant effort to incorporate automation, AI and machine learning in the consumer and cosmetic industry. This web conference will feature key speakers from the major cosmetic and consumer goods companies to highlight the efforts in this area and also will feature speakers from leading start-ups working in AI and machine learning to highlight the various tools available for fast formulation development and optimization


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