College of American Pathologists Releases First Annual Report

Report summarizes accomplishments of over 18,000 pathologist members

CAP's First Annual Report.

"This is our story. It's the single, best, and most accurate source of information about what we've accomplished on behalf of the specialty and the patients we serve," said CAP President Richard C. Friedberg, MD, PhD, FCAP. "The outstanding work we do every day is a tribute to the dedication of our members to achieve excellence at the intersection of science and medicine."

The CAP Annual Report can be accessed here.

The CAP is the worldwide leader in laboratory quality assurance and advocates accountable, high-quality, and cost-effective patient care. Founded in 1946, the CAP has had more impact than any other organization on the standardization and improvement of clinical laboratory procedures. The membership elect leadership officers from the member population, providing more than 178,000 volunteer hours annually.

The CAP accredits 7,700 hospital-based and commercial laboratories and provides proficiency testing to 20,000 labs internationally. More than 300,000 pathologists and laboratory professionals participate in CAP learning and continuing medical education programs every year.