City regions as innovators of Europe

The symposium will cover policy, regional development and sectoral innovation in the Four Motors for Europe: Catalonia, Lombardy, Rhônes-Alpes and Baden-Württemberg.

These regions have been successful in driving innovation in existing and new sectors with factors such as geography, demographics, urbanisation, infrastructure, history and industrial policy being favourable.

Every European region has complex and varied scenarios in which innovation needs to be nurtured. Drawing on practical positive and negative, effective and ineffective experiences, a more balanced and glocalised approach can be found.

The key takeaways from this symposium will be to:

    – Strengthen existing relationships between the Four Motors for Europe

    – Develop and test 'mini-research proposal' ideas in workshops

    – Build embryonic consortia to address Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding scheme calls

    – Highlight policies and regulation needed to provide inclusive innovation

Themes covered at the symposium include smart cities, Industry 4.0 and climate adaptation.


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