Chu and Weigel conducting analysis of SuperThermal Electron Transport (STET) code results

I-Wen Mike Chu, Affiliate Researcher at Mason, and Robert Weigel, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, are collaborating with a project team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to provide analysis and visualization results of SuperThermal Electron Transport (STET) code simulations.

The code has been a useful tool to model the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes and has been applied to understand and quantify various physical effects, such as the superthermal electron dynamics and deposition and, most recently, the formation of ionospheric conductances.

As part of this project, the researchers will: (1) analyze and quantify physical parameters and the output of the STET code in text, spreadsheet, and visualized forms, (2) produce visualization tools primarily written in Python for plot and visualization, and (3) write at least one co-authored journal article on the outcome of the analysis.

The researchers received $9,050 from NASA for this work. Funding began in June 2020 and will end in May 2021.


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