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Science snapshots July 2020

Microbial behavior, plant engineering, triple-pane windows, ferroelectricity Credit: Michal Hammel/Berkeley Lab Study Gains New Insight Into Bacterial DNA Packing By Julie Chao When bacteria are put in different

Well packed

Architecture is key: Biomolecule metal-organic hybrids with high bioactivity Biomacromolecules incorporated into tailored metal-organic frameworks using peptide modulators are well shielded but highly active thanks to carefully…

A data treasure for gait analysis

One of the biggest data records for automated gait analysis worldwide openly accessible Credit: FH St. Pölten / Florian Kibler The database comprises information on the so-called "ground reaction force" (GRF) which is

Light from inside the tunnel

Credit: University of Rostock, B. Liewehr Steering and monitoring the light-driven motion of electrons inside matter on the time-scale of a single optical cycle is a key challenge in ultrafast light wave electronics and