ATS 2017 Wrap-up: Rapid sepsis treatment, predicting mortality after the ICU and more

(Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) Thousands of critical care and pulmonology specialists from across the world gathered this week for the American Thoracic Society International Conference ..

Bouldering envisioned as new treatment for depression

A growing body of research suggests that bouldering, a form of rock climbing, can help build muscle and endurance while reducing stress -- and a new study co-led by a University of Arizona doctoral st..

Fathers’ brains respond differently to daughters than sons

WASHINGTON -- Fathers with toddler daughters are more attentive and responsive to those daughters' needs than fathers with toddler sons are to the needs of those sons, according to brain scans an..

Study finds tai chi significantly reduces depression symptoms in Chinese-Americans

A 12-week program of instruction and practice of the Chinese martial art tai chi led to significantly reduced symptoms of depression in Chinese Americans not receiving any other treatments. The pilot ..

Change at work linked to employee stress, distrust and intent to quit, new survey...

WASHINGTON -- At a time of change and uncertainty across the country, American adults who have been affected by change at work are more likely to report chronic work stress, less likely to trust their..

From blue and black dresses to turbine blades — here’s the science of ‘fake...

Credit: Professor George Mather, University of Lincoln Whether it's a blue and black dress - or white and gold depending on your take - or a pair of legs streaked with white paint, eagle-eyed ..

Health benefits of moderate drinking may be overstated, study finds

The benefits of light alcohol consumption, as well as the risks associated with not drinking at all, might not be as great as previously thought, according to Penn State researchers who examined the d..

Two types of empathy elicit different health effects, Penn psychologist shows

When a close friend shares bad news, our instinct is to help. But putting ourselves in a friend's shoes, imagining how we would feel if we were the one suffering, may have detrimental effects on ..

Recreational cannabis, used often, increases risk of gum disease

New York, NY (May 24, 2017)--Columbia University dental researchers have found that frequent recreational use of cannabis--including marijuana, hashish, and hash oil--increases the risk of gum disease..

Do men have worse chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy than women?

Prague, Czech Republic - 25 May 2017: Men seem to have worse chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy than women despite receiving similar cancer treatments, according to research presented today at EuroCM..

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