Accelerating rate of temperature rise in the Pyrenees

Credit: Javier Sigró The Iberian Peninsula is undergoing climate change, with temperatures on the rise, and mountain ranges are not exempt from this trend. A team of scientists has analysed regiona..

NASA sees Tropical Storm Bret’s finale

Credit: Credits: NOAA/ NASA Goddard Rapid Response Team Tropical Storm Bret was weakening with NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed overhead on June 20, and within three hours of the overpass..

New perspective: Vegetation phenology variability based on tibetan plateau tree-ring data

Credit: YANG Bao How vegetation phenology on the Tibetan Plateau (TP), the earth's largest surface area above 4000 m ASL, responds to climate change, in particular to rising temperatures, has a..

Small variations in breeding pools make for big differences in Yosemite toad use

Credit: U.S. Forest Service The Yosemite toad (Anaxyrus canorus) is a rare species found exclusively in California's Sierra Nevada. While its range encompasses hundreds of miles, spanning five ..

Solar heating could cover over 80 percent of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries

Credit: Helen Oy According to researchers at Aalto University, by using suitable systems, more than 80% of heating energy for Finnish households could be produced using solar energy. As the price o..

The Asian summer monsoon — a smokestack to the Northern Hemisphere stratosphere

Credit: Pengfei Yu Aerosol is currently a hot topic both in scientific community. Scientists know it as a particulate matter, cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) or ice nuclei (IN) while aerosol is kno..

Volcanic eruptions triggered dawn of the dinosaurs

Huge pulses of volcanic activity are likely to have played a key role in triggering the end Triassic mass extinction, which set the scene for the rise and age of the dinosaurs, new Oxford University r..

Chemistry of sea spray particles linked for first time to formation process

A team of researchers led by the University of California San Diego has identified for the first time what drives the observed differences in the chemical make-up of sea spray particles ejected from t..

Mann receives Schneider award for outstanding climate science communication

Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center, Penn State, will receive the seventh annual Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Cli..

Scientists throw light on mysterious ice age temperature jumps

Scientists believe they have discovered the reason behind mysterious changes to the climate that saw temperatures fluctuate by up to 15°C within just a few decades during the ice age periods. In a n..