UM scientists receive grant to investigate heat trapped in Greenland’s snow cover

Credit: Courtesy of Aaron Deskins MISSOULA - A new $1.54 million grant from the National Science Foundation will fund University of Montana geoscientists as they study the deep layer of compacted sn..

Marine species distribution shifts will continue under ocean warming

Scientists using a high-resolution global climate model and historical observations of species distributions on the Northeast U.S. Shelf have found that commercially important species will continue to..

Argonne scientists make vanadium into a useful catalyst for hydrogenation

Credit: Argonne National Laboratory Just as Cinderella turned from a poor teenager into a magnificent princess with the aid of a little magic, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Arg..

Self-healing catalyst films for hydrogen production

Chemists at the Centre for Electrochemical Sciences at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum have developed a catalyst with self-healing properties. Under the challenging conditions of water electrolysis for hydrog..

Construction begins on the world’s first super telescope

Scientists are a step closer to understanding the inner-workings of the universe following the laying of the first stone, and construction starting on the world's largest optical and infrared tel..

New drug reduces transplant and mortality rates significantly in patients with hepatitis C

Credit: Intermountain Medical Center. Patients with hepatitis C who suffer from advanced stages of liver disease have renewed hope, thanks to findings by researchers who have discovered that a new ..

Mind-controlled device helps stroke patients retrain brains to move paralyzed hands

Credit: Leuthardt lab Stroke patients who learned to use their minds to open and close a device fitted over their paralyzed hands gained some control over their hands, according to a new study from..

Strathclyde-led research develops world’s highest gain high-power laser amplifier

Credit: University of Strathclyde The world's highest gain high power laser amplifier - by many orders of magnitude - has been developed in research led at the University of Strathclyde. Th..

Venetian physician had a key role in shaping early modern chemistry

Credit: Santorio's marginal note to col. 406C-D, in Santorio Santori, Commentaria In Primam Fen Primi Libri Canonis Avicennae (Venice, 1625), British Library, 542.h.11. Courtesy of the British Li..

Statins associated with improved heart structure and function

Prague, Czech Republic - 26 May 2017: Statins are associated with improved heart structure and function, according to research presented today at EuroCMR 2017.1 The benefits were above and beyond the ..

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