Supermarket chains and food companies guilty of ‘lip service’ to farm animal welfare

Credit: University of Huddersfield BY failing to fully understand and embrace the principles of farm animal welfare, big supermarket chains could be causing environmental damage and imperilling the..

Throughout history humans have preferred their pigs to be black, suggests study

Credit: Jack Jeffrey Photography New research suggests the Polynesians, Europeans and the Chinese have had a penchant for black pigs because of the novelty of their colour. Pigs have played an import..

Snake venom composition could be related to hormones and diet

This news release was issued on 28-Sept-2016 Many people are afraid of snakes, but scientists are now revealing insights about their venoms that could give even ophidiophobes an appreciation for the..

How do birds dive safely at high speeds? New research explains.

Credit: Sunny Jung/Virginia Tech To surprise their prey, some species of seabirds dive into the water at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour. A human diver entering the water that fast would likely..

Dog stool microbiome predicts canine inflammatory bowel disease

Our gut microbiomes -- the varieties of microbes living in our digestive tracts -- may play a role in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Since dogs can also suffer from IBD, researchers...

Hearing the same sound twice in each ear helps insects locate their mates

An incredibly advanced hearing system which enables a group of insects to listen to the same sound twice with each ear, helping them to locate the sound's origin with pinpoint accuracy,...

Wind turbines killing more than just local birds

Wind turbines are known to kill large birds, such as golden eagles, that live nearby. Now there is evidence that birds from up to hundreds of miles away make up a...

Good food puts bees in good mood

Biologists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have discovered that after bumblebees drink a small droplet of really sweet sugar water, they behave like they are in a positive emotion-like...

Saving two adult eagles per year to save the population of this endangered species

Dying due to electrocution at the power lines is the most common death for Bonelli's eagle (Aquila fasciata), a threatened species in Europe. This is the case of a ringed bird...

Human and avian running on uneven ground

Humans and birds adapt their movement when running on uneven ground. "And even though their adaptation mechanisms and strategies developed completely independently, they do so in very similar ways," says Dr...