Two types of sensors that provide information on vineyard water status are designed

Credit: NUP/UPNA-Public University of Navarre The first of these sensors provides information without being in contact with the plant and works by capturing information in terahertz, one of the ran..

Supermarket chains and food companies guilty of ‘lip service’ to farm animal welfare

Credit: University of Huddersfield BY failing to fully understand and embrace the principles of farm animal welfare, big supermarket chains could be causing environmental damage and imperilling the..

The fruits of life

Among flowering plants, the rose family (called Rosaceae) displays an incredible diversity, including classic reds like the American beauty. But in addition to ornamentals making the perfect romantic ..

The houseplant with a blueprint for improving energy harvesting

Credit: University of Bristol For many people, nanotechnology belongs in the realm of science fiction. Researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Essex have solved the mystery of the blue sheen ..

Citrus greening disease pathogen has gut-wrenching effect on insect vector

Credit: Sheryl Sinkow/Boyce Thompson Institute ITHACA, NY--The bacterium that causes citrus greening disease is not only decimating citrus orchards, but wreaks havoc in the guts of the insect that tr..

The effects of pesticides on soil organisms are complex

Research shows that the interactions between pesticides, tillage and fertilisation are complex with respect to effects on the myriad of life forms in the soil. Such interactions should be considered i..

New mechanisms uncovered explaining frost tolerance in plants

Plants cannot simply relocate to better surroundings when their environmental conditions are no longer suitable. Instead, they have developed sophisticated molecular adaptation mechanisms. Scientists ..

New discovery may benefit farmers worldwide

University of Guelph plant scientists have shown for the first time how an ancient crop teams up with a beneficial microbe to protect against a devastating fungal infection, a discovery that...

Mango and the microbiota: Potential role of this superfruit in maintaining gut health

Orlando, Florida (September 7, 2016) - Research published in the Journal of Nutrition has for the first time documented the potential effects of mango consumption on gut microbiota of mice.1 When samp..

Bad seeds: How the parental lineage may determine viability in tomato hybrids

Hybrid seeds have dramatically boosted yield for industrial scale crops such as corn, alfalfa and wheat. But for backyard tomato growers, sometimes the fruits of their labor can lie fallow as inter..