Retina may be sensitive gauge of blast-wave pressure injury

Credit: The American Journal of Pathology Philadelphia, PA, June 9, 2017 - Modern military conflict has dramatically increased the number of military personnel and civilians exposed to blast wave p..

New software tool could help doctors diagnose genetic diseases

Credit: Cardenas et al. An open-source software tool called Mendel,MD could help doctors analyze patients' genetic data in order to diagnose diseases caused by mutations. Developed by Raony Ca..

Obesity increases risk of complications after shoulder joint replacement surgery

June 8, 2017 - For patients undergoing shoulder joint replacement surgery (arthroplasty), higher body mass index is linked to increased complications--including the need for "revision" surgery, report..

How the brain recognizes what the eye sees

Credit: Salk Institute LA JOLLA -- (June 8, 2017) If you think self-driving cars can't get here soon enough, you're not alone. But programming computers to recognize objects is very techn..

Mechanical engineering society elects four fellows from Sandia Labs

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Fellows of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers make up only 3.1 percent of ASME's 107,895 members. Sandia National Laboratories engineers Cliff Ho, Alexander Brown, ..

Study finds failure to sustain reductions in carcinogens in cigarettes

Waterloo, Ontario: Tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) are potent carcinogens formed predominantly during the cigarette manufacturing process. Despite initial success lowering TSNA levels in cigaret..

Seismic CT scan points to rapid uplift of Southern Tibet

Credit: Image courtesy NASA Using seismic data and supercomputers, Rice University geophysicists have conducted a massive seismic CT scan of the upper mantle beneath the Tibetan Plateau and conclud..

Increased number of female engineers in managerial roles brings unintended consequences

Credit: Photo by L. Brian Stauffer CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Research from a University of Illinois expert who studies identity and meaning in occupations and organizations says a purposeful increase of f..

Cell phone use and distracted driving begins in the mind

We all know that talking on a cell phone impedes your driving ability. But new research from the University of Iowa is helping us understand how even a simple conversation can affect your brain's..

Midpelvic forceps, vacuum deliveries: Higher rates of trauma for mothers and babies

Compared with cesarean deliveries, midpelvic forceps and midpelvic vacuum deliveries lead to higher rates of maternal and infant trauma, according to a new study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical As..