Diving deep into the dolphin genome could benefit human health

Credit: NOAA In movies and TV shows, dolphins are often portrayed as heroes who save humans through remarkable feats of strength and tenacity. Now dolphins could save the day for humans in real lif..

New paper published in Phytobiomes may lead to novel methods of Rhizoctonia solani control

Credit: The American Phytopathological Society St. Paul, Minn. (February 2017)--Rhizoctonia species--and R. solani specifically--are a complex group of soil fungi with broad host range and world-wid..

Getting rid of the last bits of sulfur in fuel

Credit: Polina Nesterova Scientists led by a team at Caltech have developed a new method for potentially removing nearly all sulfur compounds from gas and diesel fuel. Sulfur compounds in fuels ..

Almost 4 decades later, mini eyeless catfish gets a name

Credit: Courtesy of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. After almost four decades, an elusive, eyeless catfish measuring less than an inch now has a name and a detailed description..

Nematode resistance in soybeans beneficial even at low rates of infestation

Credit: USDA-ARS URBANA, Ill. - Each spring, tiny roundworms hatch and wriggle over to the nearest soybean root to feed. Before farmers are even aware of the belowground infestation, the soybean cy..

Just how early is spring arriving in your neighborhood? Find out …

Credit: USGS and USA National Phenology Network Even Punxsutawaney Phil can't be blamed for being baffled this year and hightailing it back to his burrow. He predicted six more weeks of winter..

Can staying active help to prevent chronic pain? Physical activity affects pain modulation in...

February 24, 2016 - Older adults with higher levels of physical activity have pain modulation patterns that might help lower their risk of developing chronic pain, reports a study in PAINĀ®, the offici..

Melting polar ice, rising sea levels not only climate change dangers

COLLEGE STATION -- Climate change from political and ecological standpoints is a constant in the media and with good reason, said a Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientist, but proof of its impact is so..

Official naming of surface features on Pluto and its satellites: First step approved

Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute In 2015, in partnership with NASA's New Horizons mission and the SETI Institute, the International..

Melting sea ice may be speeding nature’s clock in the Arctic

Credit: Eric Post/UC Davis Spring is coming sooner to some plant species in the low Arctic of Greenland, while other species are delaying their emergence amid warming winters. The changes are assoc..