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When good governments go bad

History shows that societies collapse when leaders undermine social contractsCredit: (c) Linda Nicholas, Field Museum All good things must come to an end. Whether societies are ruled by ruthless dictators or more well-meaning

Hittite cuneiform scripts will go online

3,500-year-old clay tablet cuneiform texts of the Hittites will be made fully accessible online; Funding by the German Research FoundationCredit: photo/©: Doris Prechel The Hittites lived in Anatolia some 3,500 years ago. They used

If the glove fits

Modern tools and US Army-edition gloves may have uncovered the original dimensions of the tefach, a biblical unit of measurement used by ancient IsraelitesCredit: Credit Clara Amit at Israel Antiquities Authority. Storage jars form one

Dinosaur feather study debunked

Overwhelming evidence supports Jurassic fossil does belong to ArchaeopteryxCredit: Museum fur Naturkunde A new study provides substantial evidence that the first fossil feather ever to be discovered does belong to the