British Ecological Society annual meeting

International conference brings together 1,200 ecologists

1,200 ecologists from more than 40 countries will gather in Birmingham, UK next month for the British Ecological Society’s annual meeting. With more than 500 talks and 220 posters presented over four days, delegates will showcase and discuss the latest advances in ecological research across the whole discipline.

Highlights include:

  • A number of climate change studies, including reviews of how species and habitats were impacted by England’s hottest summer on record and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

  • A research group training AI models on real (on the ground) data and satellite information to generate and predict global maps of key ecological data, such as forest carbon storage, tree and soil microbial diversity to better inform our understanding of ecosystems, how they drive the carbon cycle, and prioritise restoration efforts.

  • A showcase of the British Ecological Society’s new journal with a thematic session exploring the relationships between people and nature. Presenters will provide real-world examples of interdisciplinary research in this space, including work on cultural and individual identity, social responsibility, health and green spaces, and personalised ecology.

  • The results from a combination of pollen DNA barcoding, stable isotope analysis and field explorations to trace the longest round-trip migration in butterflies – from Europe across the Saharan Desert to tropical Africa.

  • Insights into tourists’ perceptions of barbary macaques being used as photo props at Marrakesh’s famous Jemaa el-Fna square (Morocco); a protected species whose capture from the wild threatens its conservation status.


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