APS tip sheet: First results from the Belle II experiment


The Belle II experiment reports its first measurements


Credit: KEK / Belle II Collaboration

At the SuperKEKB Collider, scientists have performed the first searches of invisibly decaying low mass boson particles. The results come from the Belle II experiment–an experiment mainly dedicated to studying B mesons, which are rare, unstable particles composed by a beauty quark and other lighter quarks. Belle II creates B mesons by colliding electrons and positrons, but those same collisions can produce other particles. Now, researchers have searched for low mass Z’ bosons, hypothetical new particles that could connect ordinary and dark matter. Investigating invisible decays might allow scientists to identify unexpected physical phenomena and potentially develop new physical principles to improve their understanding of the universe.

Search for an invisibly decaying Z? boson at Belle II in e+e-?μ+μ-(e±μ?) plus missing energy final states

De Pietro et al.


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