ADSA announces 2017 annual meeting symposia and workshops

Thanks to the hard work of the ADSA members who submitted proposals, the program committee chairs, and the chairs of the special and invited symposia and workshops, the Overall Program Committee is pleased to present the 2017 Annual Meeting Symposia and Workshop schedule.

The 2017 ADSA Annual Meeting program page has been updated to include the complete lineup of symposia and workshops, by day, along with descriptions of each, confirmed speakers, and presentation topics (if available). We will be updating this page regularly, so please check back often.

Please note that in addition to the six pre-conference symposia and workshops that run on Sunday, late-breaking abstracts will be presented on Sunday afternoon. Post conference symposia will be held Wednesday afternoon (the official meeting ends at noon on Wednesday) and all day Thursday at the Omni William Penn Hotel.

We look forward to your participation in the most comprehensive, global dairy science meeting in the world, June 25 to 29, in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please be sure to visit the 2017 Annual Meeting website for updates, and help spread the word about this landmark meeting.

Ignacio Ipharraguerre
2017 Overall Program Chair

2017 ADSA Annual Meeting Symposia and Workshop Schedule (subject to change)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

  • ADSA Lactation Symposium (full day)
  • Workshop: Nutrition Models (full day, additional fee, limited seating)
  • Workshop: The Impact of Raw Milk on Dairy Products (full day, additional fee, limited seating)
  • ADSA Graduate Student Symposium: Building Strong Work Relationships to be Effective (half day, afternoon)
  • Dale Bauman Recognition Symposium (half day, afternoon)
  • Late-Breaking Original Research Presentations and Posters (half day, afternoon)
  • Teaching Workshop: Helping Students Learn (half day, afternoon)

Monday, June 26, 2017

  • Breeding and Genetics Symposium: Inbreeding in the Genomics Era (half day, morning)
  • Ruminant Nutrition: Metabolomics Applications in Dairy Cow Metabolism (half day, morning)
  • Small Ruminant Symposium: New Opportunities for Dairy Sheep and Goats (half day, morning)
  • Teaching/Undergraduate and Graduate Education Symposium: Mentoring in Dairy Science (half day, morning)
  • ADSA Production Division Symposium: Future of the Dairy Sector Toward 2030 (half day, afternoon)
  • ADSA Southern Section Symposium: Key Considerations for Improving Milk Quality in the Southeast
  • Animal Health Symposium: Joint ADSA/National Mastitis Council Symposium: Mastitis Control and Milk Quality Globally: Past, Present, and an Amazing Future (half day, afternoon)
  • Bioethics Symposium: Sustainable Dairy Farm (half day, afternoon)
  • Forages and Pastures Symposium: Multidimensional Functions of Forages and Pastures for Dairy Production (half day, afternoon)
  • Ruminant Nutrition Symposium: Ruminal Metagenomics in Dairy Cattle–Beyond Microbial Diversity (half day, afternoon)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

  • ADSA Multidisciplinary and International Leadership (MILK) Symposium: The Dairy Cow in 50 Years (half day, morning)
  • Dairy Foods Symposium: Processing-Biofilm Formation on Dairy Separation Membranes (half day, morning)
  • Precision Dairy Farming Symposium: Precision Dairy (PD) Management Today (half day, morning)
  • Animal Health Symposium: Antibiotics and Animal Agriculture: Outlook for the Next 10 Years (half day, afternoon)
  • Dairy Foods Symposium: Emerging Research and Insights to Drive Innovations in Fluid Milk (followed by NDC reception) (half day, afternoon)
  • Growth and Development Symposium: Microbial Endocrinology in Ruminant Growth and Development (half day, afternoon)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

  • Animal Behavior and Well-Being Symposium: Allowing for Natural Behavior in Dairy Cattle (half day, morning)
  • Dairy Foods Microbiology Symposium: Biology LAB Symposium: Recent Developments in Lactic Acid Bacteria (half day, morning)
  • Milk Protein and Enzymes Symposium: Protein Interactions-Aggregations and Interfaces (half day, morning)
  • Production, Management, and the Environment Symposium: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Dairy Operations (half day, morning)
  • ADSA/American Society for Nutrition Joint Symposium: Does the Amount and Type of Fat that you Eat Matter? (half day, afternoon)
  • Chr. Hansen Symposium: Microbial Ecology of Cheese (half day, afternoon)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

  • Teagasc/Moorepark-University College Cork Cheese Symposium (full day, additional fee, limited seating)


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